Its time to evolve and to change your SEO strategies and tactics, that will work and help you dominate in the SERPs and earn more revenue.

Let’s jump into the hacks that will help you to do SEO more efficiently.

1. Understand your audience and user intent

Does your audience prefer text?  Images?  Video?  Audio?

Knowing this will all be more important than eve

“Even if your website content is perfectly written and optimized, if it’s done for a wrong audience, it won’t grow the business

2. Go Beyond Google Search

If potential customers are searching for apps, you need to rank in app stores. If they are searching for podcasts or videos, you need to rank where people search for those things,
get visibility for your content in featured snippets and thus conversational interfaces, with hosted articles, with content aggregators and other such opportunities to ensure your brand reaches your target audience

3. Structured Data Markup Is Key

“[Understand] and [use] appropriate schema vocabulary on pages for products, offers, events, contact information, same As social and entity associations, organizational information, ratings, and speak able content

4. Create Exceptional Content

 Create content that solves a problem content that moves, motivates, and connects with people,

5. Increase Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness

You can only do so at the scale of the web by generalizing your ranking algorithm as much as possible. It turns out that modern machine learning is very good at generalizing, so you can expect our core ranking algorithm to get closer to that ideal Intelligent Search product view that we hold internally and which we try to capture in our own guidelines.

6. Invest in Technical SEO

Websites continue to grow in complexity every year, making technical SEO a major area of investment some key areas of focus on the technical side of SEO will be:-
Progressive web apps

7. Win with On-page Optimization

On-page optimization will continue to be important
Links are still very important, but the biggest bang for most companies’ SEO, because on page SEO isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it tactic.”
We’ve only scratched the surface so far. Our experts also discuss the importance of links, video, localization, and more go in-depth with more uncensored and unfiltered insights and tips straight from these experts on